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"Where I am now is life-changing. Going on multiple dates anywhere I go."

Riley from Vancouver says: 
“Thank to Limo, I have a dating funnel that allows me to meet and date anywhere I go it’s all been extremely incredible”

"He really took me to the next level, I was in Paris and slept with 2 different girls""

Barry from New York says: 
“It really took me to the next level and changed my life in many ways, especially his teaching on Online Presence”

"My Online presence has skyrocketed, helped me both in my dating and my business"

Ben From Toronto says:
“Limo is very structured and his program covers an abundance of information which will give you all the tools to succeed”

"Right now, I'm getting 2-3 dates a week; this has skyrocketed my dating life."

Ciaran from San Diego says: 
“Right now I’m getting 2-3 dates a week so I was really glad Limo came along and provided me with a detailed system” 

"I was able to hook up with 4 girls during the program, all of them much younger"

Kevin from Edmonton says: 
“I was able to hook up with 4 girls, all of them much younger, one of them I was even her first, which was really really exciting” 

"I've been able to get 3 dates in the last 6 weeks which is more than I ever gotten"

Jonathan From Arizona says:
“With this new skillset and framework, I’ve been actually able to date 3 new women in the last 6 weeks, I’m still progressing”

"Now I have 3-4 dates a month with super-hot women and I even got a threesome"

Michael from Delray Beach says: 
“Now I can pretty much get a date whenever I’d like, I think it was a fantastic course, it even made me more money in business ” 

"I got laid the first time I ever met somebody; Limo will you give you the best systems"

John from Miami says: 
“Limo will help you put all the systems in place so you’re not wasting your time, he’s going to give the roadmap to get there” 

"It's been the best paid program experience than I ever had, hands down"

Dominic From LA says:
“Limo is extremely easy to work with, he’s extremely knowledgeable, he personally cares about each person’s success”

"1-2 dates lined up in a week. The experience has been absolutely amazing."

Ranjith from Montreal says: 
“I’ve dated more women in the last few months while on the program than I had done the entire 32 years of my life.” 

"During the program I was approaching a lot more and went on 3 dates every week."

Ashwin from California says: 
“There was even one weekend where I went on 3 different dates with 3 different women. I’m having a good interactions with girls.” 

"I've approached 20-30 girls and I finally overcame the anxiety of approaching."

Tom From London says:
“I got instagram addresses, I messaged one of them and she came and met me the same night in a restaurant.”

"Now I get number from women consistently and my cold approach has improve"

James from The US says: 
“Everything is there in the program and Limo really cares about your success. You really should give it a chance,” 

"I noticed the results coming in super fast and I have 5 girls in rotation right now."

Patrick from Netherlands says: 
“After working with Limo, I got a couple of dates and it’s been absolutely amazing, I would highly recommend it.” 

"It has been truly transformational not just in dating but in life in general."

Kris from Spain says:
“After a couple of weeks my dating life has improve, it also helped with my soft skills and I’m more relaxed now.”

"I cannot believe the kind of girls I'm seeing now and how effortless it is to date them."

Pierre from Paris says: 
“It’s the best program ever, I can only recommend it to you 100% if you have the opportunity to join it. It’s unbelievable.” 

"I finally feel like I cracked the code, I'm setting up 2-3 dates this week, it's crazy"

Alonso from New York says: 
“It’s only my 2nd or 3rd Week in the program and I’m already getting extraordinary results, Limo truly revolutionized the game” 

"Now I'm dating 3-4 women a month consistently. It's the best program."

Aimen From Brussels says:
“Before joining, I dated 3 girls in my whole life. Now I date 3 girls every month. Best program ever for beginners.

"During this mentoring, I approached 250 woman and had 20 dates with them"

Arlan from Kazakhstan says: 
“Right now, I wake up every morning I feel very grateful. This program is about become you the best version of yourself.

"I really feel like I can do everything that I want to regarding dating."

Cheick from Montreal says: 
“Because of this program, my confidence is way better, my self esteem, and my communication skills..” 

"The program build the much better person of myself and I get more dates"

Jose From Miami says:
“The program gives you so much, we learned body language, and we also learned how to become the prize.

"I've had 7 dates since the start of the program, I can walk up to any girl now"

Boris from Montreal says: 
“The confidence that I’ve gained from it is unbelievable, it’s not just about dating, he talks about investing, fitness etc. ” 

"I feel more confident now, wherever I go, I know I got a brand new set of skills"

Josue from Georgia says: 
“If anybody is looking to improved your dating skills, I would recommend working with Limo with them or to anybody” 

"I've had a few instant dates, I've met somebody and had the confidence to progress"

Tom From LA says:
“By doing Limo’s course and going through it, it gives you that little bit of extra confidence and it will change your mindset”

"Working with Limo helped me to realize a lot of things, there has been progress"

Gerardo from Delray Beach says: 
“There’s ton of information in the program and I’m progressing towards it. Also, in terms of being more social, it has helped me. 

"I now have the confidence to approach whoever I want. I look more professional"

Jorge from Miami says: 
“After working with Limo, I’ve got multiple dates lined up. Join the program now, you won’t regret it. ” 

"It's been extremely helpful. I'm a lot more relaxed now and I have less anxiety"

Nikolay From LA says:
“I think this is a really good deal for any individual. Once you joined you are already ahead of majority of people”

"After taking this program, I've met more than 60 women and I've dated a few of them"

Bruno from Montreal says: 
“This program honestly skyrocketed my dating life, Limo has put together this system and if you follow it, you’ll get results”

"I had a few dates. I got five of them. I even had sex with a girl I cold approached"

Andrew from Paris says: 
“Working with Limo for the past eight weeks was a life changing experience. I’m finally starting to get more success with women” 

"After I've completed the course, I've got a lot more numbers and dates"

Domenick From New York says:
“I can’t say enough great things about it. I’m so glad to be part of this. You should join too, if you want real success with dating”

"Now, after working with Limo, I have a system that brings me consistent leads"

Jay from South of France says: 
“Working with Limo was great, although I was already in the dating community for a while, now I have a consistent system.” 

"He really covers everything, it's a great structure to understand game"

Kevin from Los Angeles says: 
“I had an instant date and virtual date, the accountability and the support is great, the only thing is you need to take action” 

"I had numbers and dates starting from the first week of working with Limo"

Laurent From Paris says:
“Now I can approach girls in any circumstances, I’m a lot more confident around women with the systems”

"I got 1, 2, 3, even 4 dates this week if you count yesterday... That's a good week"

Simeon from Montreal says: 
“I got 1, 2, 3, even 4 dates this week if you count yesterday… I’m confident that I can easily date 3+ girls each month now” 

"I had my FIRST DATE ever from approaching women, I must really thank Limo"

Nelson from Malta says: 
“Limo keeps pushing me to improve myself, to improve as a man. You will succeed if you do the work. Take Limo as you mentor.” 

"I've been getting 1-2 dates a week and I slept with 2 girls as well (after 4 weeks)."

Sim K From Ottawa says:
“After applying Limo’s feedback, I got numbers consistently, instant dates, dates. I got 1 or 2 dates a week AT LEAST”

"With the Dating Accelerator, my expectations were blown, this was life changing."

Brunno from Philadelphia says: 
“Limo literally over delivers, you can tell that these guys have been working so hard on this program, worth every penny.” 

"Limo consistently takes the time out of his day to help you and hold you accountable."

Mark from Amsterdam says: 
“I always was kind of the nice guy but then after the first mentoring sessions, this was busted and I started getting numbers.” 

"You go from regular man to being at the top of the food chain where you live..."

Brunno From Harrisburg says:
“This is not only about getting dates and girls, this is more than that, it’s really about all the areas of your life, I’m blown away.”

"Within 4 weeks, I was able to meet a great woman. I gained real confidence!"

Jay From California says:
“The great thing with her is that I can be myself…She has goals. I have goals. It’s just great!” 

"They Were Able To Take Me To Another Level Both In Terms of Skillset & Energy"

Manny From Vancouver
“Having a coaching session with Limo & max took me to a whole other level… They know exactly what they’re doing” 

"Without Them I Wouldn't Be Able To Get To My Goals... For Social Life or Business"

Nicolas from Ottawa
“They literally helped me to reach my goals, they boosted my game…my results started to grow, even my growth in business…”

"All the materials were so useful. I'm impressed by how professional they are..."

Oscar from Montreal says:
“All I have to say about the program is that it has all the information to succeed in that area of life…”

"I was heart broken. But now I know what I want and I know how to get it..."

Lars From Copenhagen says:
“I had a clear goal but didn’t know how to reach it, and that’s where the Accelerator Program helped me…” 

"They will get you to take the right actions that will get you real results"

Chris From Montreal says:
“They’re widely and deeply read in both in dating and in business… They’re stuff actually works”

"I Learned In One Night What I Couldn't Have Learned in 6 months By Myself "

Youssef From Toronto 
“In only one night, I went from a bad approach to a very high-quality approach, you knew exactly what I needed to do”

"I wasn't sure at first but they then I took a leap of faith... And everything changed"

Tom from Vermont
“Just this weekend I’ve been able to meet a cute girl and attract her… I would not be doing that if I didn’t take this program”

"I'm more confident and I also got 4-5 times more dates every single month..."

Filip from Germany says:
“I’m having longer conversations with women I took 3-4 times more action in that area of my life than I did before the program…”

"I cannot believe the kind of girls I'm seeing now and how effortless it is to date them."

Pierre from Paris says: 
“It’s the best program ever, I can only recommend it to you 100% if you have the opportunity to join it. It’s unbelievable.” 

"I finally feel like I cracked the code, I'm setting up 2-3 dates this week, it's crazy"

Alonso from New York says: 
“It’s only my 2nd or 3rd Week in the program and I’m already getting extraordinary results, Limo truly revolutionized the game”

"My relationships with women have improved, I got a few dates that went really well"

Dan From Boston says:
“Now I get much better responses and interactions with them, it’s really great value delivered for the price, highly recommend”.

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